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  • Big Safety Testing Failure Rate For California Pot Products – CBS San Francisco

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nearly 20 percent of marijuana products in California have failed tests for potency and purity since the state started requiring the checks on July 1, a failure rate some in the industry say has more to do with unrealistic standards and technical glitches than protecting consumer safety.

    9/14/2018 1:49:02 PM

  • Illegal Dumping - A Growing Problem We Can Solve

    Illegal dumping costs California taxpayers millions of dollars every year . In Monterey County, cleaning up illegally dumped mattresses, televisions, and other household furniture and trash is not only expensive for local governments, it is expensive for private property owners who become victim to illegal dumping; rural land owners, particularly farmers and ranchers, share a high burden of these costs.

    9/10/2018 11:25:00 AM

  • Working Together to Prevent Suicide

    Approximately 70% of suicides are among working age adults. Working age adults are the sandwich generation. They are so busy taking care of children and often aging parents and relatives, that taking time for themselves is a luxury few feel they can afford. Concerns about finances, marital and family problems, and simple exhaustion can feel overwhelming.






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Notice on FDA Order Pertaining to Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs)

newThe California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has notified all local Environmental Health Services (EHS) agencies who enforce the provisions of the California Retail Food Code (CRFC), regarding the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) order pertaining to foods containing partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) which takes effect June 18, 2018. The FDA Declaratory order is available at: Final Determination on Partially Hydrogenated Oils

The declaratory order further provides that “Since this is a Federal action, affected persons nationwide must comply with the provisions of the declaratory order. As stated in the declaratory order regarding state and local laws: “As with any Federal requirement, if a State or local law requirement makes compliance with both Federal law and State or local law impossible, or would frustrate Federal objectives, the State or local requirement would be preempted” (80 FR 34650 at 34655).”

For more information on the FDA order, click here.

To get the facts on Trans Fats, click here.

Food Related Information

Free RESTAURANT Inspection Results App

Do you want to quickly and easily find the latest food inspection results from your favorite restaurant or food facility? Want to see if the restaurant you are eating at has earned the Gold Seal? This free app from the Monterey County Environmental Health Bureau lets you do just that. Monterey County Food Inspection Findings gives you access to inspection results for thousands of food facilities all over Monterey County. Search for a restaurant or market in the list or map view, easily see locations that are close to you and quickly see if they have earned a Gold Seal.

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