The Information Technology Department (ITD) consists of five Divisions: Applications, Business Office, Information Security, Infrastructure, and Service Delivery. ITD’s resources are operated and maintained in a manner that supports high availability for utilization and minimizes the risk of business interruption. ITD's focus is on developing a sustainable, customer focused environment to enhance and improve the quality of technology services used by County departments for the benefit of all Monterey County residents, businesses and visitors.

ITD is financed through the County’s General Fund Contribution (GFC). ITD is pursuing the opportunity to become an Internal Service Fund (ISF) or the equivalent. An ISF is established to account for any activity that provides goods and services to other funds, departments or agencies of the primary government and its component units, or to other governments, on a cost-reimbursement basis. This format is appropriate for ITD where the purpose is to recoup costs through rates charged and allows ITD to essentially operate as a non-profit business. ITD rates are captured in the budgets for the services rendered. ITD prepares and distributes a published comprehensive Product and Services Catalog in support of the annual budget development cycle. For departments relying on program revenues from federal and state sources, ITD provides periodic detail accounting reports of ITD related spending.

ITD’s functions support County departments in implementing and maintaining data privacy and confidentiality practices where, at a minimum, meets the requirements of adopted State and Federal legislation and regulation. All County officials, employees, contractors, volunteers, or others with access to Personally Identifiable Information via County information technology resources are directed to honor the County privacy and security policies.

ITD’s asset management strategy involves the assistance of County departments to identify and maintain ownership records on all County information technology assets, including: computing hardware, software, applications, data, networks, and electronic communication devices.

ITD actively addresses the following Board Strategic Initiatives: Economic Development - Key Objective A milestone to develop a Broadband Policy to help in business retention, expansion and attraction; Administration - Key Objective C to foster innovation in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of County services; Health and Human Services - Key Objective A milestone to expand equitable community outreach and joint literacy efforts with effective and affordable telecommunications; Infrastructure Initiative to plan and develop a sustainable IT and Telecommunications infrastructure that improves the quality of life for County residents and supports economic development initiatives; and Public Safety Strategic Initiative to create and sustain a comprehensive criminal justice system that implements best practices, crime prevention and justice system efficiencies.