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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website and all its documents, users are advised to contact applicable County Resource Management Agency staff before making project decisions and fee estimates.


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About Monterey County RMA

The Resource Management Agency (RMA) brings together a range of Land Use and Capital services, including Building Services, Planning, Public Works, Facilities, and Parks to ensure reasonable and safe development, plan for the future needs of the County, manage infrastructure and county facilities, and protect natural resources.

RMA Director - Carl P. Holm, AICP

Administrative Services Assistant - Lisa Harris


RMA consists of three Divisions:

  • Land Use & Community Development Division- Provides management oversight for land use functions within the RMA and coordinates with outside agencies.  Includes Building Services, Planning, Permit Center, Development Services, County Surveyor, Environmental Services, Special Programs, Code Compliance, Park Planning.


    RMA Deputy Director of Land Use & Community Development - John Dugan, AICP
    Administrative Secretary - Melissa McDougal

    • Building Services - Provides plan check and inspection services.

        Chief of Building Services - Neville Pereira, CBO, PE

    • Development Services – Provides services for encroachment permits, transportation permits, film permits, subdivisions, and addressing.                   
        County Surveyor - Michael Goetz, PLS 

    • Environmental Services - Provides oversight of grading, erosion control, and stormwater management.

        Senior Water Resources Hydrologist - Tom Moss, PG, QSD, CFM

    • Planning - Provides land use permit services and manages the County's land use policies and regulations.

        Chief of Planning  - Jacqueline Onciano
        Planning Manager - Brandon Swanson

    • Park Planning – Provides planning services for County Park facilities.

        Parks Planning Manager - John Akeman
        Special Events Manager, Parks - Shawne Ellerbee

    • Special Programs – Manages large complex projects and programs, including matters related to Fort Ord and Carmel River/Lagoon.               
        Special Programs Manager - Melanie Beretti

    • Permit Center – Manages front counter operations, including permit processing.  Provides general support services (reception, call center, cashier, records, scanning).  Also lead for special event permits. 

        Permit Coordinator - Freda Escobar

    • Code Compliance - Manages code compliance activities relative to land use and public works.

        Code Compliance Manager - Joshua Bowling 


  • Public Works & Facilities Division - Maintains the County's infrastructure including roads, bridges, County facilities, and Parks operations.

    RMA Deputy Director of Public Works and Facilities - Neville Pereira, CBO, PE (Acting)
    Administrative Secretary - Ruby Pena

    • Public Works - Manages capital projects for infrastructure (roads and bridges). Include engineering services. 

        Chief of Public Works - Randell Ishii, M.S., P.E.
        Traffic Engineer - Enrique M. Saavedra, PE (Acting)
        Maintenance Manager/Roads & Bridges- Shawn Atkins

    • Facilities – Manages capital projects for County facilities and operations.

        Chief of Facilities - Vacant
        Maintenance Manager/Facilities - Mario Salazar       

    • Parks Operations - Manages County park facilities and operations.

        Chief of Parks - Camerino (Cam) Sanchez (Acting)
        County Park Ranger Manager - Vacant
        Operations Manager/Parks - Brett Fulgoni (Acting)

  • Administrative Services Division - Provides services that support RMA operations.

    RMA Deputy Director of Administrative Services - Shawne Ellerbee
    Administrative Secretary - Barbara Stoffey-Said

    • Finance - Manages RMA budget.

        Financial Management/Budget - Jessica Cordiero-Martinez
        Financial Management - Lorraine Woodle
        Financial Management - Ma Mon

    • Community Service Areas/County Service Districts & Disposal Sites - Manages County’s service areas and special districts.

        Special District Manager - Lynette Redman

    • Real Property – Provides real property services for County.

        Real Property Specialist - George Salcido
        Real Property Specialist - Brett Fulgoni

    • Contracts Management/Grant Admin/CIP - Manages code compliance activities relative to land use and public works.

        Contracts Manger - Dalia Mariscal-Martinez
        Grants Manager - John Snively

    • Information Technology - Manages technology services for RMA.

        Dept. Info Systems Manager - Jackson Dy

    • Human Resources – Coordinates with County HR on matters related to RMA.

        Associate Personnel Analyst - Channelle Hubbard
        Associate Personnel Analyst - Julie Aulenta

    • Safety & Risk Management – Provides training for and oversight of safety regulations.  Manages claims for RMA.
        RMA Safety Coordinator/Investigator - Shawne Ellerbee, Acting


RMA Vision

The Vision of the Monterey County Resource Management Agency is to enhance the quality of life and economic health of the community by providing responsive, efficient, and high quality public services and to promote good stewardship of natural and man-made resources.


RMA Values

  • Honesty, hard work, and ethical behavior
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Communication and Coordination with the public and partner agencies
  • Empower staff and recognize superior performance
  • Equitable treatment and respect of all constituents
  • Excellence in service delivery