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Submit Permit Applications and Monitor Permit Status

Monterey County Accela Citizen Access (ACA): This is the primary online resource for Land Use information. The following can be done with ACA:

  • View historical planning and building permit information
  • Initialize permits online
  • Submit public records requests online
  • View historical public records requests
  • Report code compliance issues
  • View historical code compliance cases
  • Lookup zoning information

What kind of permits can I apply for via ACA?

  • Roof-mounted Solar - Required for roof-mounted solar PV systems. Only accepting up to 10kW online. Click for instructions

  • Re-Roof - Required for commercial and residential re-roofs. Click for instructions

  • Tree Removal - Required to remove / significantly trim protected trees.

What other services are available in ACA?

  • Code Compliance - Report code compliance issues. Click for Instructions

  • Public Records Request - Building and planning records requests. Click for Instructions

  • Special Events Questionnaire - Required for obtaining a special event permit. Submission of this questionnaire does not guarantee issuance of a permit.


Note: Some services require an ACA account. For more info, click the "Permit Information Sheet" link on the right-side menu.


Monitoring Permit Status

Monterey County Permit Tracker: This tool enables citizens to track planning and building permits. Permit Tracker offers a more visually intuitive representation of your permit status than Citizen Access.The following can be done with Permit Tracker:

  • View planning and building permit information
  • Track permit stages and updates
  • Subscribe to permits and receive updates
  • You can not submit permit applications on Permit Tracker