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Although every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information on this website and all its documents, users are advised to contact applicable County Resource Management Agency staff before making project decisions and fee estimates.



  • South County Building Inspections
    After many years of scheduling building inspections in Southern Monterey County on Fridays, we are increasing our days of service to accommodate requests from south county residents in both inland and coastal regions. We are now offering inspections on Tuesday and/or Thursday for both areas as outlined below:
    • INLAND - Starting this week, the Resource Management Agency will be conducting inspections throughout Southern Monterey County. This includes the unincorporated areas near King City, Arroyo Seco, the Santa Lucia Highlands, the Mission District, San Lucas, Jolon, San Ardo, Bradley, Lockwood, Bryson, Parkfield, San Miguel and many others

    • COASTAL - Resource Management Agency has contracted with an outside firm from Paso Robles to perform south coast building inspections in the Big Sur area, South of the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge.

      Please call the RMA at (831) 755-5027 before 3:00pm on the day prior to schedule your building inspections.

  • Fire Information
    RMA Permit Coordination Manager Freda Escobar is ready to assist victims of the Soberanes, Chimney, Tassajara and Pfeiffer Fires in rebuilding.  Contact Ms. Escobar at 831.784.5689 or if you have any questions or need assistance regarding the permit process.  Permit Center Management Analyst Kate Battiato is also available to assist victims if Ms. Escobar is not immediately available.  Contact Ms. Battiato at 831.759-6560 or